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Peter Schooneveldt is a Dutch photographer and painter focussing on authentic human experience. Born and raised in Haarlem, the Netherlands, he became an airline pilot/captain after college, flying around the world for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for 32 years. During his flying career he discovered photography as a means of storytelling. After his retirement in 2011 he is now focussing on portrait photography and writing short stories. Recently he concentrates on a new challenge in his life: Portrait painting,

Portrait photography, whether in the studio or in the streets, is a delicate process. I find great joy and beauty in observing people, especially when I see emotions like pride, hope, melancholy or even frustration or despair. When one of these elements comes out in the picture, it’s a good sign. But that’s not at all easy. One shouldn’t be afraid to leave his comfort zone and get close to the subject. But in the end it’s quite rewarding, it forces you to connect with the people in front of your camera.

Being a photographer is an attitude, is about going out there, living the moment, accepting failures. It's about channeling what's in your heart, putting it in the frame, and finding out where you stand and what you stand for. I think it comes down to whether you really have something to say. It can make your mind a bit restless though. Call it the wonderlust. You know quite well that for a person who needs to express himself, travel is a good thing, be it abroad or within oneself. There’s glory in travel, as well as there is disappointment. The aim is to find oneself. Today for me the big travelling is over. 'The times they are a-changin'. The photographer on the move becomes a painter, who stays home more often, outwalking his dog and painting the human appearance in his studio on a daily basis... Not so bad after all, 

Fotovakschool  Amsterdam  2009-2010;    Photographic design and Portrait Photography
Wackers Academy Amsterdam 2022:   Portrait Painting
Masterclasses of   -Rogier Willems (2023)
                                 -Luk van Driessche (2023)
                                 -Sam Drukker (2024)

All images copyright Peter Schooneveldt all rights reserved.

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